Soo Jeong Gwa Sweet Cinnamon Punch

Apparently this is a Korean traditional beverage, it comes in a supercute small size can. From the image I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s delicious. A very sweet drink with a strong earthy cinnamon flavour, and there’s a hint of ginger in there. It tastes like Red Hots but without the hotness.



Intrigued by the ‘White Mystery’ flavour I decided to try these. Insanely sweet chewing candy, the texture becomes a bit gritty at the end. The watermelon one was bright green, and apparently the white mystery flavour is made by putting leftovers from several batches together without the colouring. Less magical than I thought 🙁



Amazing soft and creamy fruit, floral and sweet with a little bit of nuttiness. The texture around the seeds is a little softer than under the skin. It’s ripe when the skin gives a little, and turns slightly brown. But avoid eating the skin and seeds, since they are poisonous!



Skøll Ice Berry

 I tried the original which is ok, and the apple version which has a very artificial apple candy flavour. A little tacky, but what do you expect from a fruit flavoured vodka beer!

This one is actually a bit watery-tasting, with a cranberry kick after swallowing. The aftertaste is a bit strange, for me the combination of flavours isn’t very well balanced. The ingredients list elderberry, blueberry and cranberry juice, and the last one definitely overpowers everything. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the other 2 versions, but the third and fourth ingredients are glucose syrup and sugar so there’s a fair amount of sweetening in there.

Not bad but would not buy again.